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When will you be open?

We are optimistic that our shop will be open by appointment within the first half of 2022.  The sharp increase in lumber prices has been largely to blame for the long delay in opening.  We will eventually keep regular open hours, but that's a little ways off.

What kind of books do you sell?

We specialize in rare, collectible, and out-of-print material in all areas.

Are you buying books?

Unfortunately, we are not currently buying any new material.  We have over 1,800 boxes of books and ephemera that still needs to be catalogued, so it will be a while until we are able to consider buying books.  We recommend that you visit the website for the Cascade Booksellers Association ( for a list of booksellers in the Pacific Northwest that may be interested in buying books.

Can you tell me what my books are worth?

We do not offer appraisals, but you can find information on appraisals and figuring out a rough estimation of a book's worth at

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